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We Thrive

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This is a organization created and administrated by City Buzz Local. This allows investors to come together and invest in deals that are vetted by our company. All deals are done through escrow with an attorney. Members are paid on the profits of each deal.  This is a great opportunity for new investors.

City Buzz Local works with investors to purchase,      
flip and or rent cash flow real estate as well as businesses.

-Rehab properties purchased wholesale.
-Buy and cash flow properties through our corporation.
-Buy pre foreclosed properties.
-Full construction projects.
-Allow investors to hard money finance deals.
-Purchase Commercial Properties
-Purchase Businesses

How We Thrive

We start by purchasing a corporation that will be owned by the members/investors and this will be used to purchase properties and businesses as well as any other investment.

Each new group will have its own corporation designated for their investments only. There is no limit to how many corporations you can join.

A corporation is complete once a investment is made. Once the investment is made no one else may join that corporation unless they purchase ownership stake from an existing member, which must be approved by the body.

Each Corporation has a min. investment of 500.00 and percentage of ownership is divided into 80% and correlates directly with investment. So in other words the more you invest, the larger percentage of ownership you will receive. Profits are paid according to percentage of ownership.


All finances related to projects are handled by third party companies mostly accounting firms and law firms.

City Buzz Local assigns professionals to each project and works to manage each project on behalf of each corporation.

Members are allowed and encouraged to participate in each investment. This may be helping to remodel a property purchased by your group. Or giving of your time to help manage a business purchased by your group. We also allow for absentee investors so participation is not required.

Each Member is paid profits on any investment made by their corporation.

 All money is held in escrow with instructions to be returned if deal does not go through for any reason. Also all investments can be returned up to 30 days before deal closes. All deals and related contracts will be handled by an attorney. City Buzz Local Does Not Collect Or Hold Any Money That Are Related To Investments Nor Do We Offer Or Give Any Investment Advice. City Buzz Local Makes No Promises Or Guarantees Of Returns.