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Local Businesses & Community Resources Kidd  Boss  in Philadelphia PA

Kidd Boss

Artist at Jesse Poinsette
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Contact Details

Business Name Jesse Poinsette
Business Logo Jesse Poinsette Company Logo by Kidd  Boss  in Philadelphia PA
Position Artist
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Phone Number 267-298-9018
Philadelphia, PA
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About Jesse Poinsette

Artistic, talented with character describes the lyrical talents of recording artist Kidd Boss. He has a style, skills, and a flow like no other, but reminds you of his older brother Spittage. Born march 8th 1990 to Darcelpoinsette and Jesse Peterson at the Womens Medical Center, Jesse lee. Peterson - Poinsette got the name Kidd Boss from his older brother spittage and it was on from there. They called him Kidd Boss since the age of 13 because he was always ahead of his time and had a mind like no other at a very young age, and became the Man of the house when his father went to prison for ten years. He recorded his first hip hop song with his older brother maurice well known as spittage, but the track was released after da death of spittage in 2006 the single was called brotherly love. After Kidd Boss droped da future of the future and recieved nothing but good feed back he was on his way to becoming the next young talented artist to come out of the city of philadelphia.

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