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Posted by: City Buzz Local on 04/12/2017

NASCAR’s Systematic Discrimination Towards African American Celebrities Displays Shortsighted Vision List Of High Profile African American Celebrities Failed Activities In NASCAR Astounding

NASCAR’s Systematic Discrimination Towards African American Celebrities Displays Shortsighted Vision  List Of High Profile African American Celebrities Failed Activities In NASCAR Astounding Los Angeles, California - April 1, 2017 -

When you mention names like Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, Jackie Joyner-Kersey, Nelly, Steve Harvey, Randy Moss, Gail Sayers and Ray Lewis you can immediately associate these names with greatness.

These African American individuals have excelled at their profession to the highest standard imaginable, receiving some of the greatest accolades achievable within their chosen profession - but unimaginably, with all of their accomplishments, they all share the same failure to succeed. Not one of these high profile celebrity names has had any sustainable success in NASCAR!

Over the past few months, has had an opportunity to correspond with several pioneers of motorsport, motorsport industry insiders, and racing fans when doing research for our investigative reporting features. This past week we spoke with a motorsport industry insider, but only on the condition of anonymity, regarding the lack of success with African American celebrities involvement in NASCAR.

“When you consider the list of high profile African American celebrities, over the past 20 years, who have been attracted to NASCAR, gotten intimately involved in our sport, and their involvement was short lived because of a lack of sustained mentorship on our part, and their involvement was hardly promoted to enhance their level of success to secure and/or retain sponsorship - one would think their failure to succeed in NASCAR was not all that disappointing to those in power.”, said a former NASCAR Diversity Council Member, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“I was associated with the [NASCAR] Diversity Council when Magic Johnson was hired on to co-chair NASCAR’s Executive Steering Committee for Diversity in 2004. I felt it was a huge boon for NASCAR in acquiring Magic. He was someone who truly transcended color and could have become the uniting force in helping facilitate what we assumed was NASCAR and Brian France’s true intentions, and that was to significantly increase our fan base by reaching out to communities of color.”, continued the former NASCAR Diversity Council Member.

“It is very disheartening, having been a member of the [NASCAR] Diversity Council, to see the intended diversity marketing strategies, to diversify the sport of NASCAR, have not been implemented and executed to a fundamental level of success for African Americans, with regularity, especially given the immense yearly financial gain for NASCAR.

It is apparent that the “in-house” diversity regime, regulated by NASCAR, needs to be overhauled dramatically in order to change NASCAR’s perceived systematic discriminative narrative.” “The only commonality, to date, is the persistence of Greg Calhoun being able to introduce such high profile public figures to NASCAR such as Magic Johnson, and most recently Steve Harvey.”, replied the former NASCAR Diversity Council Member when asked by their thoughts on African American businessman Greg Calhoun’s involvement with NASCAR.

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