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Posted by: City Buzz Local on 02/06/2017

Magic Johnson and Steve Harvey Mutually Connected To $500 Million Dollar NASCAR Lawsuit

Magic Johnson and Steve Harvey Mutually Connected To $500 Million Dollar NASCAR Lawsuit presents an investigative report uncovering additional information about Cox et al v. National Association of Stock Car Racing, Inc. et al, case number 1:16-cv-07268.

The pending racial discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR, International Speedway Corporation (ISC) and the 19 member “Team Charter” by Mr.Terrance Alton Cox III and Diversity Motorsports LLC has many twists and turns.

In September of 2016, TMZ Sports made international headlines when it reported comedian Steve Harvey was also involved in the $500 million dollar discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR brought on by Mr. Cox.

This report prompted the comedian to vehemently deny these claims during his “Steve Harvey Morning Show” saying, "I don't even like no fast ass cars". Mr. Harvey even took a personal jab at Mr. Cox when he went on to say, "If he wasn't broke, I'd sue him".

TMZ Sports - dont-even-like-fast-ass-cars/

Even though Mr. Harvey took an inappropriate approach to try and persuade the general public of his involvement, he actually admitted to meeting Mr. Cox; but says he disagreed with Mr. Cox’s protest strategy to use kids to block the streets in Atlanta during a scheduled protest against Coca~Cola.

During’s investigation, we unmasked Mr. Harvey’s false narrative against Mr. Cox regarding his alleged protest antics towards Coca~Cola. Come to find out, the protest in Atlanta, was incredibly peaceful with a historical civil rights tone.

They began at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, with a walk to the historical Ebenezer Baptist Church, where both Martin Luther King, Sr. and Martin Luther King, Jr. preached.

Mr. Cox, a founding member of a youth civil rights activist group called, "Minority Youth Matters Movement - MYMM" and “Clergy for Minority Youth Matters Movement - C4MYMM” has held, or been involved with several non violent protest and “prayer intercessions” over the past 18 months involving congress members, youth, pastors, and concerned community leaders.

NASCAR, when asked about the alleged discrimination lawsuit, said it had no merit and vowed to fight it.

NASCAR, founded in 1948 by Willam France, Sr., has a long rich history in American motorsports that spans over 69 years.

There is nothing like seeing excited fans standing on their toes, cheering and waving flags, or children fascinated by the speeding cars whipping past a breakneck speed. It makes the sound of high horse powered engines blaring through the television screens, as they zoom round and round the track, tolerable, even worth it.

It has always been understood that auto racing in general, and NASCAR in particular, has been dominated by whites, from owners, to drivers, to fans.

Most people assumed that was because whites were more immersed in the sport and excelled because they simply grew up with racing and just happened to support it in higher numbers.

A person who was polled by had this to say, "well yea, there has been discrimination in all sports, at one time or another, its just indicative of what we have dealt with as a country throughout its history.”

Which got thinking.

Surely there could not be collusion, discrimination, and racism being practiced on a corporate level that has sought to keep blacks and other minorities marginalized, at best, when it comes to meaningful inclusion in NASCAR? Could there be?

According to Mr. Terrance Alton Cox III, not only could there be a culture of racism in NASCAR - there is!

From an article researched by, we provide an excerpt.

Mr. Cox recites the story of Wendell Scott who is the first black man to win a NASCAR sanctioned race in Jacksonville, Florida in 1963, then called the “Grand National” division.

“Mr. Scott raced with a car that was made of used parts he found at junkyards. The win was given to another white driver, who was actually two laps down to Mr. Scott at the finish.

It wasn't until late that evening, after the crowd had gone home, that Mr. Scott was told he actually won and was awarded the prize money for winning the race, in private. He never received the trophy, because to save face, the promoter provided the second place finisher, who was Buck Baker, the trophy and the opportunity to kiss the beauty queen.

You see, kissing the beauty queen became a race winning tradition after someone won a race and enthusiastically kissed the beauty queen in victory circle.

Obviously, with the beauty queen being a white woman, and Mr. Scott being black, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell the track promoter was going to allow for a black man to kiss or be kissed by a white woman in the south!”

Mr. Cox speaks of NASCAR's deliberate and continued discrimination to this day against himself, as well as other blacks and minorities in what he describes as a 60 plus year history of systematic discrimination and racism. decided to look further into the racial discrimination claims being presented by Mr. Cox against NASCAR, International Speedway Corporation (ISC) and the 19 member “Team Charter” in his lawsuit.

One aspect regarding Mr. Cox’s lawsuit against NASCAR and the other 20 defendants that has been overlooked by every news outlet, is the actual financial severity of this discrimination lawsuit case.

The lawsuit is reported as being a $500 million dollar lawsuit.

In preparing this report we researched different articles written since the original September 2016 TMZ Sports news release. We have found several commonalities to these articles.

  1. They all have the wrong amount for the lawsuit.
  2. Many of them paint a theme of a frivolous lawsuit being brought by Mr. Cox.
  3. Comedian Steve Harvey is shown denying the fact that he ever wanted a team.
  4. Many of the comments made about these articles are divided along racial lines. On one hand, blacks seem to feel NASCAR is being discriminatory and on the other hand, many whites feel that blacks just need to do the hard work required to compete in the sport and that Terrance Cox just wants something for nothing.
  5. We did also find a significant amount of whites who agree with Terrance Cox's position that NASCAR needs to become more inclusive.
  6. Very few of the news outlets reported on The Minority Youth Matters Movement and the many non-violent protest they have had over the past two years involving clergy, youth and even political figures.
  7. None have made the possible connection between NASCAR's alleged policies of non inclusiveness and its lack luster economic growth possibly due to a shrinking audience and their inability or lack of desire to capture more market share by appealing to blacks and other minorities.

However, when you add up each defendant at $500 million dollars, 21 in all, that factors into being a $10.5 billion dollar lawsuit!


Mr. Cox’s lawsuit could cost NASCAR, ISC and the Team Charter, $10.5 billion dollars if he is awarded judgement by a jury from the Western District Court of North Carolina.

Oh, you didn’t know?

The lawsuit was moved out of the Southern District Court of New York to the Western District Court of North Carolina on December 14, 2016.

Law360 -

Inexplicably International Speedway Corporation (ISC), the parent company of NASCAR, was dropped from the lawsuit. Officially bringing the total number of defendants in the lawsuit to just 20, and rounding out the potential total payout to an even $10 billion dollars.

Regardless, this dollar figure makes this the largest racial discrimination lawsuit brought against a major sports franchise in the history of American sports.

Well has already established that this lawsuit is for $10 billion dollars and not $500 million dollars. After close review of all the allegations made in this lawsuit we have found it to be far from frivolous. And the fact that the case has been swiftly moving through the court system without being thrown out is further indication of that statement.

Over the past eight years Mr. Cox alleges that NASCAR intentionally and directly interfered with business opportunities, as well as denied Mr. Cox the opportunity to participate in their Drive For Diversity Program, supposedly headed up by Max Siegel, a black man, who presently is the CEO of United States Track and Field; and he has yet to make any progress in placing more drivers of color in the top tier NASCAR touring divisions.

Washington Post - ceo-has-alarmed-some-insiders-with-his-spending-and-style/2016/10/07/ ca470956-8a35-11e6-875e-2c1bfe943b66_story.html?utm_term=.22992758f3a1

Mr. Cox names several specific times where he had interested parties willing to make the financial investment needed to participate in NASCAR. Each time Mr. Cox says NASCAR expressly dissuaded the potential partner to work with him, resulting in the loss of business.

As if these allegations are not bad enough, Mr. Cox alleges that this was discrimination due to the color of his skin and part of a 68 year practice. Of these potential partners comedian Steve Harvey is named as the last one in a line of celebrity entertainers and high profile sports figures who have not been successful in getting in and staying in NASCAR for nearly 20 years.

We have spoken with sources close to the plaintiff Terrance Alton Cox III, and have been told a different story than the vehement denial presented by Mr. Harvey during his morning radio show.

Our sources tell us not only are there email correspondence between the two parties, but Mr. Harvey provided lodging for Mr. Cox’s stay in while in Chicago to discuss the possible motorsport business arrangement.

It was over dinner, where the deal was discussed and tentatively agreed upon. We are told that it was Steve Harvey's idea to engage NASCAR, believing that his celebrity status would give him leverage in any said negotiation.

We are told Steve Harvey was not only excited about developing a racing team, but he and Terrance Cox had agreed on a name for the team. Mr. Harvey even proposed to utilize his Walmart connections to sell their team merchandise and share revenues from merchandise sold; the pair even discussed how they would share any revenues earned from competing with their team in NASCAR. discovered the lead liaison in orchestrating this partnership between Mr. Cox and Mr. Harvey was Alabama businessman Greg Calhoun. Mr. Calhoun is the last African American to own a chain of grocery stores in the United States. He was also the very first director of NASCAR’s Drive For Diversity program through Access Marketing.

Black Enterprise Pg. 3 of 9 - nascar/3/

Mr. Calhoun was instrumental in encouraging Magic Johnson, yes, NBA legend Magic Johnson, to become NASCAR’s co-chairman of the Executive Steering Committee for Diversity back in 2004.

USAToday - magicjohnson-diversity_x.htm

LJWorld -

However, Mr. Johnson abruptly resigned from his NASCAR appointment after perceived conflicts with Brian France’s ideology of diversity and Mr. Calhoun was unceremoniously replaced as the Director of Drive For Diversity by the aforementioned Max Siegel in 2009..

Mr. Calhoun, a business partner and personal friend of Steve Harvey, informed Mr. Cox, after Mr. Harvey had indeed phoned NASCAR, that their response was disappointing at best when he relayed information that NASCAR wanted absolutely nothing to do with any project involving Mr. Cox.

It is without question, this information is in direct contradiction to a NASCAR spokesperson’s claim after the lawsuit was filed, that they are open to working with anyone and everyone regardless of race, color, creed or religion.

It was also mentioned that Steve Harvey was opposed to Mr. Cox utilizing the Minority Youth Matters Movement to assist their efforts to secure sponsorship funding with potential protests against various sponsors Mr. Harvey may or may not have had business connections directly or indirectly.

From’s perspective, seemingly if the opportunity does not suit Steve Harvey’s interests to his full advantage, he will cut ties with a potential business partner, leaving them high and dry, because of his celebrity status.

However, in recent weeks, it is safe to say Mr. Harvey is finding out that trying to capitalize on your celebrity status may not be all that useful when it comes to leveraging your celebrity on behalf of “black folk”.

The backlash Mr. Harvey has received from meeting with then President “elect” Donald Trump several weeks back has placed Mr. Harvey squarely in the “step-and-fetch-it” crosshairs, as he continues to try and expand his brand. following-trump-meeting.html

The reality is many blacks do not feel Mr. Harvey is the best representative to speak on their behalf to the President.

In a poll conducted on the home page of

• Over 73 percent of blacks that we have polled on our site have indicated Dr. Claude Anderson should be the person that speaks to the President.
• Over 89 percent feel that Steve Harvey is grossly unqualified to work with HUD or speak to the President on behalf of blacks.

Steve Harvey has not helped himself much in the eyes of the black community with statements like "I don't give a damn about slavery" or by siding with NASCAR in a time when they are being taken to task for systematic discrimination.

Calls placed to Mr. Harvey's office were not returned. staff has spent five months going over comments made within various articles concerning Terrance Cox.

• We have found that most white NASCAR fans do not agree NASCAR is practicing discrimination toward blacks and people of color.
• While most whites who do not support NASCAR agree it is time for a change of policy within NASCAR.
• Most blacks who support NASCAR think they need to change their policies, but say they are treated great when they attend a race.
• Most blacks who do not support NASCAR feel NASCAR is practicing racism and is in need of Federal Intervention.

Many whites that are pro NASCAR and against Terrance Cox, and his Minority Youth Matters Movement, have said blacks are trying to take over all the sports.

So we did some research and we identified nine sports that have been integrated by blacks first and then other minorities. Of these nine sports only two have been dominated by black athletes (basketball & football), and none have been dominated by blacks or any other minority group as it relates to ownership. 

So the facts show this misnomer has magically morphed itself into a false stereotype.

We display data to support these finds below.

What is the racial breakdown of NFL players?

With 1155 players, the black population of the NFL runs away with a 68% majority. In a distant second are the 470 white players who make up 28% of the league. The following three racial categories, Other, Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic, make up a combined 4.36% of the league. Sep 23, 2014

What is the racial makeup of the NBA?

According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2015 was composed of 74.4 percent black players, 23.3 percent white players, 1.8 percent Latino players, and 0.2 percent Asian players

What is the racial breakdown of MLB?

60% of the players in the league are White, while 28.53% are Hispanic. That leaves roughly 12% available for black and Asian players, who occupy 9.47% and 2% of the league respectively.

What is the racial breakdown Golfers

(Total Golfers Nation Wide) 20.3 Million White, 3.1 Million Hispanic, 1.3 Million African American, 1 Million Asian

Other sports that we do not have numbers for include: lacrosse, tennis, swimming and horse racing. While several of these sports have had black stars, none of these have been taken over and dominated by blacks.

Each major sport that has eventually integrated with blacks, leading the way for minorities, has benefited from increased fan base and market share, while decimating the black leagues in its wake. (i.e. Negro League basketball, baseball & football).

The controversial Donald Sterling bought the L.A. Clippers for $12 million in the 1980's and sold it for $2 billion in 2014. Its not a coincidence the NBA and NFL have increased value and fan base, largely in part to their diversity and inclusion.

A publicly held corporation's first priority of governance and fiscal responsibility is to protect its shareholders while seeking to earn them value. If an organization’s refusal to abandon archaic practices is preventing shareholders from reaching their financial potential, as well as expose them to astronomical lawsuits, the leadership must be taken to task by the shareholders.

As the racial dynamics in America continue to change, NASCAR's audience cannot grow without inclusion. has had an eye opening experience with our in-depth review of Mr. Cox’s lawsuit against NASCAR.

It is safe to say, this lawsuit is more than a fight for money. It is a battle of ideas, a contest of the will between NASCAR’s CEO, Mr. Brian France, against the will of a very determined CEO, in Mr. Terrance Alton Cox III.

The outcome of this historic lawsuit will determine if Mr. Brian France can maintain NASCAR’s 69th year of the status quo, or will Mr. Terrance Cox be able to end the torment of systematic discrimination and oppression blacks have endured for 69 years of not having an opportunity to participate in the glamorous world of motorsports.

The sport, the fans, the black and minority communities, the shareholders, and the very soul of America are caught in the balance. staff writer

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