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Posted by: City Buzz Local on 02/09/2017 Showcases Ford’s Racial Bias After In-Depth Investigative Report Released Showcases Ford’s Racial Bias After In-Depth Investigative Report Released Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI - February 9, 2017 -

On February 4th, released an in- depth investigative report regarding the $500 million dollar racial discrimination lawsuit filed by Georgia businessman Terrance Alton Cox III versus NASCAR, International Speedway Corporation and the 19 member Team Charter.

The investigative report highlighted a connection between Magic Johnson and Steve Harvey's association with NASCAR, as well as showcased the potential financial severity to the tune of $10 billion dollars if a North Carolina jury were to award judgement to Mr. Cox. 

According to Wikipedia, White Privilege - is a term for societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in Western countries, beyond what is commonly experience by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances.

We initially believed presenting this term could have tainted the perception of our intent to shed light on NASCAR's racial discrimination lawsuit.

However, within days of our published report,, along with the rest of America, became witness to the appalling since of entitlement showcased by those in power within motorsports.

Dave Pericak, Global Director, for Ford Performance Racing Operation was quoted in an article written by Dustin Long on’s website, and we quote - “you have my commitment. What I can say is that you have my commitment and the commitment of Stewart-Haas Racing and everyone that is involved that (the legal issue) is not going to affect our ability to hit the track and run that car and run it the way it needs to be run. shrs-lawsuit-vs-sponsor/

The legal issue that Dave Pericak is referring to is the lawsuit Stewart-Haas Racing filed on behalf of Danica Patrick, a white female race car driver, against her former sponsor Nature’s Bakery seeking damages for breach of contract in excess of $31 million dollars. Stewart-Haas Racing stated in its lawsuit that the actions of Nature’s Bakery “set Stewart-Haas Racing up for a devastating loss of revenue just before the beginning of the 2017 race season; and rendered it nearly impossible for SHR to have any reasonable hope of mitigating its damages.


This is undoubtedly the epitome of White Privilege! . Stewart-Haas Racing is giving the ol woe as me! As if they are really hurting by this unfortunate dilemma brought on by Nature Bakery.

Let's provide a little backstory.

Stewart-Haas Racing is one of the original 19 members associated with the Team Charter. The Team Charter was devised to split an $8.2 billion dollar television package that FOX and COMCAST/NBC Universal bought from NASCAR to televise their races.

The breakdown of the $8.2 billion dollars is as follows.

  1. Race Tracks - 65% = $5.46 billion
  2. Team Charter - 25% = $2.1 billion !!!! $2.1B/19 teams = $110.5 million per team
  3. NASCAR - 10% = $820 Million

So as you can see Stewart-Haas Racing is going to receive $110.5 million dollars.



Stewart-Haas Racing is one of the 20 defendants named in the $500 million dollar racial discrimination lawsuit.

More backstory.

Stewart-Haas Racing does not have a high profile African American executive on its staff. Stewart- Haas Racing does not have a Chief Diversity Officer. Stewart-Haas Racing does not have an African American Chief Marketing Officer. Stewart-Haas Racing does not, and never has, employed an African American driver or crew chief.

Do you see where is going?

We are presenting facts, not alternative facts but real hard evidence regarding the systematic discrimination or white privilege that we discovered quite frequently.

What blows our mind is the sheer arrogance of Ford Performance's, Global Director Dave Pericak, being quoted to say how he is committed to Danica Patrick and Stewart-Haas Racing during their (legal issue).

It blows our mind because, where was Dan Pericak, when Mr. Cox, an African American man, filed his $500 million dollar racial discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR on September 16, 2016 in the Southern District Court of New York?

He, along with all of NASCAR's sponsors and partners, seemingly went very, very quiet when that lawsuit was filed. But Mr. Pericak has the audacity to vocalize his support for Danica Patrick and Stewart-Haas Racing. has been amazed and humbled by the the response recieved since we published our in-depth report. has received emails, texts and voice mails from all over the country and the world by regular race fans, or those who have been associated with motorsports in one capacity or another, who are of many different ethnic backgrounds, to say how much they enjoyed the report, or to provide further credence to what was written.

One example is an email received from Mr. Leonard W. Miller.

Who is Leonard Miller?

Well since this is February, allow to provide you with some black history.

Leonard Miller founded Black American Racers Association back in 1972. At its height, it boasted 5,000 members from 20 states. Their very first chairman was none other than the only African American in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Wendell Scott. Mr. Miller also founded, Black American Racers, Inc. (BAR). He fielded a race car in the inaugural Long Beach Grand Prix in 1975 with black driver Benny Scott, who finished ahead of teammates Mario Andretti and Al Unser, Sr.

Read more here

Watch here

Mr. Miller provided with snapshot of a page from his book, Silent Thunder discussing the disappointment he had when Ford refused to participate with a $500 honorarium donation to recognize African American racing pioneer Wendell Scott, who drove his whole career in a Ford, at a Black American Racers Association banquet.

The page further validated the systematic discrimination African Americans have endured over the years, when it mentioned that another African American NASCAR driver by the name of Bobby Norfleet was told by a Ford representative years later, that Ford didn't need to advertise its products on a black Craftsman Truck tea , because their factories were operating at full capacity in 1999, thus blacks would add nothing to Ford's bottom line. (That is not the case anymore Ford, now is it?)

Keep in mind, this book was published in 2004. It chronicles Mr. Miller's pioneering accomplishments in motorsports since 1972. How strong is Mr. Miller book Silent Thunder within the racing world when it came out? Legendary actor and racer, Paul Newman, said “an extraordinary book that is refreshingly honest. And Driver of the Century, Mario Andretti said, eye-opening”.

To have received this gem of information out of the blue from Mr. Miller is something to behold. Here is a living legend in motorsports, first reading’s report, and secondly, validating its content regarding Mr. Cox’s quest to cease systematic discrimination within NASCAR.

Bottom line, Dave Pericak, Ford and Stewart-Haas Racing should think twice before they speak out regarding the perils they face with potentially losing out on $31 million dollars of sponsorship from Nature’s Bakery. Civil Rights Leader and Director of Harlem Transformation Project, Akil Rose, had this to say, “With all the marketing Ford does to the black community as well as minority communities they may want to make sure their sponsorship dollars are being spread around evenly. Maybe Ford can be the company of moral conscience to help NASCAR close the chapter on racial discrimination”. would certainly venture to guess that Wendell Scott, Mr. Cox, Mr. Miller, Mr. Norfleet and countless other African Americans, who have aspired to participate in the lucrative world of motorsports, over the years, have had it far worse than anything Danica Patrick and Stewart-Haas Racing could comprehend!

Given that, poses this question!

Dave Pericak, will you, on behalf of Ford, equally guarantee that Darrell Wallace, Jr., the only African American driver in NASCAR, will have a full-time ride in Xfinity with Roush Fenway Racing for 2017?

After all, Darrell Wallace, Jr. did drive a Ford last year!

Staff Writer City Buzz Local

Magic Johnson and Steve Harvey Mutually Connected To $500 Million Dollar NASCAR Lawsuit

Civil Rights Leader and Director of Harlem Transformation Project, Akil Rose, had this to say, “With all the marketing Ford does to the black community as well as minority communities they may want to make sure their sponsorship dollars are being spread around evenly. Maybe Ford can be the company of moral conscience to help NASCAR close the chapter on racial discrimination”.