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Posted by: City Buzz Local on 01/29/2017

CITY BUZZ LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT: Philly's Most Anticipated Artist, "Kidd Boss," & The East Palo Alto-Bay Area's Most Underrated MC, "B. Makk," Collaborate with Film Makers To Create Mini Hip Hop Movie, "One Thing About Us"

CITY BUZZ LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT: Philly's Most Anticipated Artist, For at least the last 10 years hip hop heads have been complaining about the lack of authenticity in rap music. They have contempt for rappers who now make money with gimmicks and lyrics that barely register above a mumble. Another point of contention is the fact that there are not many duos on the scene. We miss the Outkasts, the RUN DMCs, the Mobb Deeps or the Das N Effects.

City Buzz Local has found a group that reminds us of the new Das & Kurupt. Kidd Boss & B. Makk, founders of New Kingdom-Breadgame, hail from total opposite sides of the United States. Kidd Boss is the CEO of New Kingdom Entertainment and is a native of Philly. Lyrically, he is the re-incarnation of his late older brother, "Hollywood Spittage," a well-known underground influencer who was murdered in front of the same place where he often hung out spitting rhymes. Even some of the greatest rappers of our time have been known to pay homage, Jay Z being no exception. Tech 9 spells the name S.P.I.T.T.A.G.E. before each battle rap he does. Kidd Boss is more than just a re-incarnation, he is an elevation.

Boasting 216 songs, he says, "I'm not playing with 'em, Old Head (as he respectfully refers to me being his elder). Name one underground artist that has this many recorded songs, enough for 20 Albums." City Buzz Local got a chance to preview this album that has been years in the making (One Thing About US) as well as his upcoming single documentary project. Listing to his music, he is without a doubt one of the best and well-rounded artists to come out of Philly, hands down!

B. Makk is CEO of Breadgame and is a native of East Palo Alto, Ca. He is the son of one of the first people to put out a rap album in East Palo Alto, Bobby Blake, Founder and CEO of the SO BUSY Empire. Growing up in one of the roughest hoods in the country and former murder capital, B. Makk has witnessed more than the average bear.  From gun violence to gentrification by Silicon Valley Companies like Facebook, the dynamics that went into the development of this man only strike once in a lifetime. He raps as if he has big shoes to fill and he does.  E-40 once said, "Since the death of Tupac, the Bay ain't been eating right." And although artists like himself and Too Short carry the Bay Area mantel on their backs, we have yet to see that stand out lyricists can not only rock the likes of KMEL 106.1, but can grab the ear of the most critical hip hop heads in the world.

Well look no further this is your man. The passion, metaphors, and sheer brilliance of his lyrics and delivery are unmatched in the Bay Area. East Palo Alto should be exceedingly proud.   The Duo met while B. Makk was living in Louisville, KY and his dad was filming a documentary about Kidd boss's fallen brother, "Hollywood Spittage" (soon to be released on City Buzz Local). So film maker and mentor to them both, Bobby Blake, teamed up with Hayves Streeter of Media to create a mini movie called, "One Thing About Us." We reached out to So Busy Entertainment founder Bob Blake who told us, "I'm just trying to fuse real hip hop and dope cinema to help revive the culture." Budgets have been slashed in the music business and we don't get as many quality videos as in earlier times. I plan to use my company to create great content as well as give artists a visual platform at a good price."

Two hot artists and two creative film makers can't go wrong there.

For Booking: Kidd Boss 267-298-9018
B. Makk 510-491-3225

Videos https://www https://www https://www Film Makers So Busy Films 502-742-7170 Hayves Streeter 408-416-8835 https://www CITY BUZZ LOCAL