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Posted by: City Buzz Local on 03/30/2017

Bill O’Reilly Comments About Congresswoman Maxine Waters Displays White Privilege Arrogance

Bill O’Reilly Comments About Congresswoman Maxine Waters Displays White Privilege Arrogance NASCAR, SPRINT And Monster Energy Share The Same Sentiment About Black Women

Atlanta, Georgia - March 28, 2017 -

On Tuesday, FOX News pundit Bill O’Reilly made an apology to Congresswoman Maxine Waters for a racist comment made during his appearance on FOX and Friends. The apology was necessary after O’Reilly made this comment about Ms. Waters’ hair. “I didn’t hear a word she said, because I was looking at the James Brown wig.” This frivolous and insulting remark was made after O’Reilly was shown a clip of Ms. Waters’ recent comment about Trump supporters.

After O’Reilly’s comment was made, social media and mainstream media outlets began hearing from individuals who were more than displeased with Bill O’Reilly’s racially insensitive comment. reached out to one individual that believes NASCAR, SPRINT and Monster Energy share the same sentiment regarding Black women.

“Bill O’Reilly just showcased the discriminatory atrocity with regards to White privilege towards Black women in America.”, said Terrance Alton Cox, owner of Diversity Motorsports LLC. “O’Reilly’s comment is the exact same White privilege mindset NASCAR and their corporate partners have displayed over its 69 year existence.

This arrogance explains how Sprint can be NASCAR’s premier sponsor for 14 years, spending over $750 million dollars, and never once hiring a Black woman to be a ‘Miss Sprint Cup’ spokesperson!”, exclaimed Cox. “And now Monster Energy, NASCAR’s newest premier sponsor, is following in their predecessors footsteps by not showcasing a Black woman in their victory lane celebrations where they have a Monster Energy girl cheesing in front of the camera with the race winner.”, noted Cox.

“Needless to say, it does not surprise me O’Reilly’s comments were made on FOX’s network because they too are a major corporate partner of NASCAR.”, continued Cox. “FOX spent $3.8 billion dollars to share broadcasting rights of NASCAR races with Comcast/NBCUniversal, and neither one of those multi-billion dollar networks has a person of color commentating on NASCAR. So why act surprised?”